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Outdoors, mapping and positioning technologies merge to form one single service thanks to the global availability of the GPS. However, inside buildings, plenty of indoor positioning technologies (IPS) exists: Beacons, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Ultrasounds, to name a few.

Today, every provider is coming with its own API and standards, which makes it complicated for app developers to integrate and test multiple solutions. This framework aims at uniformizing the API of all providers so they can easily be used, combined, shown on maps and processed.

This framework –Indoor Location– is available as an Open Source Project under the MIT License.

Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for creating new digital services inside buildings. Our maps are easy to build and even easier to integrate in your Wayfinding, Workspace Management, Maintenance or Security applications.

Mapwize is super easy to integrate and our customers would tell you the same! We are a developer-friendly company committed to providing the most complete tools for those who create the best mobile and web applications.


Several major IPS providers are available (Beacons, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, etc.) and ready to use

Want to develop your own module? Basic classes are available for both iOS and Android. Simply extend IndoorPositionProvider and you are good to go!

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